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Het team

Paaldansstudio Gent carmen
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Carmen, founder off Rock ‘n Pole Ghent, has 10 years teaching experience. Started her pole journey long time ago as a poledancer, performer and teacher. 
Still learning from the best pole dancers in the world; Marion Crampe, Michelle Stannek, Bendy Kate, Dan Rosen, Yvonne Smink, Natasha Wang, Dinneke Minten, Marlo Fisken, Doris Arnold,…

Paaldansstudio Gent merel
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Merel has been with us from the beginning. She has lots of teaching experience and knows how to motivate en coach you, to become the best version of you. She teaches beginners 1 and beginners 2 pole classes. She also here for your occasionally ‘off the pole workouts’. 

Paaldansstudio Gent Ine
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Ine, the studio is her happy place, her second home. She teaches intermediate 1 pole classes and choreography classes. She has been dancing for many years. During her choreography classes you will learn all kind of dancing styles. From exotic, to cheeky burlesque, to lyrical,…
She has quiet of an attitude, but only on stage.

Paaldansstudio Gent Nina
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Nina is our flexibility and mobility coach. She will help you reach your goals. A beautiful split or an impressive bridge? She will help you!

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